Help for Underwater FHA borrowers

Yes.  FHA Streamline loan refinances existing FHA loans; The loan program does not care if you are underwater; in fact the program encourages underwater loans; no appraisal, no income documentation, no employment verification; no credit score requirements!  How great is this?  If this loan is for you, call B.Rich Realty and Mortgage at 714-680-0210. 


About B.Richrealty and Mortgage

B. Rich Realty and Mortgage was founded by Ramona "Bing" Rich, who has over 20 years experience in the real estate field. B.Rich Realty’s goal is simple– a) to help individuals and families find a house and a loan that is compatible to their current financial profile; 2) to assist sellers maximize profit from the sale of their property and be assured that they have the optimum representation; 3) most important, maintain compassion towards our clients, which guarantees that we meet their needs first before ours. We are a continuum of care and service.
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